Ice Prince Finn

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— frostprincefinn entered the woods


To be honest, thieves weren’t all that inconspicuous from regular people. “If that’s true, then where did you get it?”

"Uh.." The memories from his life that far back were still missing. Finn couldn’t exactly convince her he didn’t steal it (if that really was they case, he was pretty sure he didn’t).

"-What’s with the third degree? Can you help me find the way back out of here?"

( by  you**)

( by  you**)

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— frostprincefinn entered the woods


"I’m Huntress Wizard, the guardian of this forest, you’ll do well to remember that," Huntress said, polishing an arrowhead she had just made. "Now tell me who you are. You didn’t steal that crown from Ice King, did you? He really needs to take better care of his stuff, I’ve seen his home, it’s not pleasant.”

He nodded. Finn would make a note to remember, well try

"My name’s Finn- how dare you, I didn’t steal this! I mean I don’t think so, I’ve had it for thousands of years! Ididn’t steal from any Ice Kingassure you.” He crossed his arms and tried to look offended. It wasn’t the first time he’d been asked that and certainly wouldn’t be the last. Did he really look like some petty theif?

floraking asked: "Geia sas, dear. I came to thank you for giving me shelter during my time of need. I'm very grateful, darling."

"Um, sure. No problem. You seem like ice probably isn’t something you would wanna be around anymore but— There’s always room if you need to come back for some reason I guess."



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